We Are a Manufacturer of White Oak Barrels for Bourbon, Whisky, Cognac, Craft Beer, Wine & Spirits. Our Barrels are handcrafted from the World’s finest Premium American White or French Oak. Get the Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

White Oak Source:
Missouri Ozarks, Central Kentucky,
Southwest Kentucky, Minnesota,
Central France, Pennsylvania, Oregon.

Barrel Sizes:
5, 8, 10, 15, 23, 30, 53, 60, 80 – Gallon.
Custom Sizes available on request.
White Oak Bung Included.

Char Levels:
Char #1 – Light
Char #2 – Medium
Char #3 – Medium Long / Plus
Char #4 – Heavy

Oak Wood Options:
American oak, French oak, Chinkapin oak, Sessile oak, Appalachian oak, Hungarian oak, Eastern European oak.

Our French Oak barrels are very popular for oak aging premium wines. For our used freshly emptied French oak barrels please email for pricing and availabilityneworders@oakwoodbarrels.com

Price List

Updated Pricing for end of year 2018.

For Pricing and Availability Please Email – neworders@oakwoodbarrels.com

A bulk discount will be applied to all orders of (5) or more barrels of any size. We apply discounts and price breaks on each barrel and total final cost.

Below is pricing for New and Used American white oak and French oak bourbon and wine aging barrels and decoration barrels.

Also, see char and toast levels below. We ship to all locations in North and South America, Canada, Australia, Europe and most parts of Asia.

Our decoration and display bourbon and wine barrels are perfect for any type of oak barrel or wood inspired project, furniture, weddings, decorations, rain collection, etc. They also hold hot or cold liquid if needed.

We also have freshly dumped barrels that were used for Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, Heaven Hill and many other popular brands of bourbon and whiskey. White Oak Bung Included with all barrels.

Tequila barrel options: ( Fortaleza Reposado, El Jimador Blanco, Arette Reposado and many off-brand Tequilas )

We now have Rum barrels from, Brugal, Havana Club, and Appleton.

Prices for Used Bourbon/Wine – American White Oak or French Oak.
Decoration /Display Barrels only.

10 Gallon – ( 25.00 US $ ) – In Stock

15 Gallon – ( 30.00 US $ ) – In Stock

30 Gallon – ( 35.00 US $ ) – In Stock

53 Gallon – ( 45.00 US $ ) – In Stock *Most popular

60 Gallon – ( 55.00 US $ ) – In Stock

80 Gallon – ( 75.00 US $ ) – In Stock

Prices for Once Used Freshly Dumped Distillery Barrels
Choose From – Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Heaven Hill, Wild Turkey.

53 Gallon – ( 145.00 US $ ) – In Stock *Most popular

60 Gallon – ( 155.00 US $ ) – In Stock

80 Gallon – ( 175.00 US $ ) – In Stock

Prices for New American White Oak Bourbon, Scotch, Tequila – Aging Barrels.

5 Gallon – ( 95.00 US $ ) – In Stock *Low Stock

8 Gallon – ( 100.00 US $ ) – In Stock

10 Gallon – ( 105.00 US $ ) – In Stock *Most popular

15 Gallon – ( 115.00 US $ ) – In Stock

23 Gallon – ( 119.00 US $ ) – Low Stock

30 Gallon – ( 170.00 US $ ) – Low Stock

53 Gallon – ( 195.00 US $ ) – In Stock *Most popular

60 Gallon – ( 210.00 US $ ) – In Stock

80 Gallon – ( 230.00 US $ ) – Low Stock

Prices for Used American White Oak Bourbon, Scotch, Tequila – Aging Barrels.

5 Gallon – ( 45.00 US $ ) – In Stock

8 Gallon – ( 65.00 US $ ) – In Stock

10 Gallon – ( 85.00 US $ ) – In Stock *Most popular

15 Gallon – ( 90.00 US $ ) – In Stock

23 Gallon – ( 95.00 US $ ) – In Stock

30 Gallon – ( 105.00 US $ ) – In Stock

53 Gallon – ( 115.00 US $ ) – In Stock *Most popular

60 Gallon – ( 140.00 US $ ) – In Stock

80 Gallon – ( 150.00 US $ ) – In Stock

The price of New French Oak Wood Wine and Cognac – Aging barrels.

5 Gallon – ( 155.00 US $ ) – In Stock.

8 Gallon – ( 160.00 US $ ) – In Stock.

10 Gallon – ( 195.00 US $ ) – email for availability

15 Gallon – ( 205.00 US $ ) – In Stock.

23 Gallon – ( 220.00 US $ ) – In Stock.

30 Gallon – ( 295.00 US $ ) – In Stock.

53 Gallon – ( 310.00 US $) – In Stock.

60 Gallon – ( 395.00 US $) – In Stock.

80 Gallon – ( 410.00 US $) – In Stock.

The price of Used French Oak Wood Wine and Cognac – Aging barrels.

5 Gallon – ( 75.00 US $ ) – In Stock

8 Gallon – ( 85.00 US $ ) – In Stock

10 Gallon – ( 95.00 US $ ) – email for availability

15 Gallon – ( 105.00 US $ ) – In Stock

23 Gallon – ( 115.00 US $ ) – In Stock.

30 Gallon – ( 155.00 US $ ) – In Stock

53 Gallon – ( 165.00 US $) – In Stock.

60 Gallon – ( 185.00 US $) – email for availability

80 Gallon – ( 210.00 US $) – In Stock.

French oak –or- ( European oak only if requested).

White Oak Bung Included with all barrels.

Oak Wood Options: American oak, French oak, Chinkapin oak, Sessile oak, Appalachian oak, Hungarian oak, Eastern European oak.

Wine Barrel Options: RED – Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot). WHITE -Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc ).

Oak Barrel Char and Toast levels – No additional charge:

Light – Mild aromas; fresh vanilla flavors

Medium – Toasty aromas; more complex flavors

Medium Long – Slightly spicy; longer toast over a lower fire

Medium Plus – More intense vanilla & spice; rich flavors

Heavy – Smoky, peppery; sweet roasted flavors (coffee)

Toast levels – charred to your liking. Request Toasted heads at no additional charge. The various levels of charring have different effects on the compounds and so flavors the charred oak imparts to the maturing spirit. Heavy charring will cause cracks in the surface of the oak giving it an alligator skin-like appearance.

Note: Our stock is very limited and constantly changing. Also, Shipping May Be Delayed because of Weather conditions in certain areas.


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We have over 5,000 new and used barrels in stock each month.  We quality check every single barrel for flaws and leaks before shipment. We’ll replace any bad barrel and pay all shipping cost. We guarantee all our barrels in stock.

Staves & Heading
Staves and heading are necessary for the structure and quality of every barrel. The Oak Wood Barrel, Co. manufactures and sells oak barrel staves, heading, and finished sets. Our main focus is to supply quality cooperages and consumers with premium oak at the lowest and most competitive prices in order to maximize their expectations and long-term profitability.

Distilling & Brewing Equipment
The Oak Wood Barrel, Co supplies quality manufactured equipment for the micro-brewing, craft distilling, and whiskey distilling industry. Our small team of experts has the experience to supply proven distilling and brewing systems or custom design one according to your specific needs. If you have an upcoming project or an expansion of your current business, contact us with your equipment and sizing needs and we will be happy to supply you with pricing.

Bourbon Oak Barrels
When it comes to bourbon and whiskey, nothing compares to our charred white oak barrels with white oak from the heartland of America – Missouri Ozarks. OakWoodBarrels.com- sells white oak bourbon barrels to major distillers in North America and Worldwide. Our clients and partners include some of the most well-known names and brands in the industry.

Scotch & Cognac Barrels
Most of our Cognac barrels are made from Premium French or European Oakwood. These oak trees are over a hundred years old. These must be cut into staves, afterward stacked in the open air for about three years (one to three years). Barrels for Scotch are made from Premium American Oak. OakWoodBarrels.com produces barrels that really gives scotch its depth of flavor.

Wine Barrels
OakWoodBarrels.com only selects the finest, premium tight-grain, slow growth American oak (Quercus Alba) from parts of Kentucky, Missouri, and Minnesota. The oak is air-dried for at least two years and exposed to both winter and summer weather. Our oak barrels are bent and toasted over oak fires to a customer’s specification using our traditional methods. Our slow toast penetrates deeply without blistering or scorching allowing the barrel to impart subtle oak overtones. Our customers can also select French oak. Our French oak barrels are more subtle and spicy, offering textures of satin or silk.

Craft Beer Barrels
OakWoodBarrels.com produces distinctive oak barrels customized and tailored to meet the special needs of the Craft Distiller industry. We pride ourselves in working and partnering with Craft Distillers worldwide – our diverse and experienced team is ready to share our oak expertise and provide the level of service the Craft Distiller industry is looking for.

About Us

Barrel Cooperage
The Oak Wood Barrel Co began manufacturing bourbon barrels in 2011 after purchasing barrel-making machinery from a Cooperage in Ontario, Canada, and now we have one of the largest air dried inventories in North America. The Oak Wood Barrel Co now has four locations worldwide and over 90 employees and 20 sales staff members.

Oak Stave Mill
Our mill produces white oak stave and heading material to be used to produce our whiskey and wine barrels. With the continued long-term growth of our Family of barrels related operations, including recently new updated Cooperage we have been expanding our supply chain capacity for white oak material to meet the growing production demand. The mill is fully operational, and employ staff in the Midwest.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

Besides our freshly dumped barrels, All our other used barrels are cleaned and treated twice, sanded, tested for leaks and repaired as needed with new staves on-site in Kentucky.  Custom Laser stenciling of your brand or name is available upon request.  Each of our French oak barrels are available with your desired level of toast, although our cooperage generally recommends medium to medium+ toast on our French oak barrels depending on the desired characteristics and style of your wine.


**NOTE** We sell our oak barrels with no minimum order required. We also require payment up front or before shipment. Shipping and freight are available at no charge within 8 hours of cooperage or warehouse locations. Deliveries more than 8 hours away will be quoted a shipping rate using a 3rd party carrier. Insurance is included at no additional charge. You can place orders 24 hours, 7 days a week via email. Please include the number of whole oak barrels you would like to order and the shipping zip code. A quote will be provided within a few hours. *This page and prices may be updated in real time frequently*.